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Imran with Iqra Aziz have the best on-screen chemistry

Imran with Iqra Aziz have the best on-screen chemistry

In Hum Television there is awards show that is in 2018 and a TV serial win the on-screen chemistry award

In 2018 there is drama serial is started with the name of “Ranjha Ranjha kerdi” this is basically momina Durate production.


How to Dreams are to be converted into the reality in this TV serial there are all aspects are to be discussed

There is male role is played by Imran with the name of Bhola and with this charector he get famous and awarded

His personality and his wonderful acting make this show in the top ranking in the pakistani TV serials

Not only Imran there is also the acting of young and multi-talented girl is also good and his attitude make this more impressive

In this show she is truly a dream girl who like sahir but due to some circumstances she have married with Bhola

Iqra Worked in many shows but she can not get so much importance as she worked in the “Ranjha Ranjha ker di

I think if there are all cherectors are good and story is good but this show is uncomplete without the acting of Bhola

Imran had worked so much hard to make this performance and there is all acts are to be made like reality

In 2018 when this show is started its first episode and till the end there is thrill and more ever there is suspense in the whole TV show

iqra Aziz
iqra Aziz

Iqra likeness is sahir but married with Bhola is also an event in which this show turn into the new Path.

Whole show chemistry is to be changed when they married and the sahir started his job in the Bhola Uncle shop

I think with all the events and acting this award is provided is the original and most working person that is blessing of Allah

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