Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes

There are various famous quotes that help us and gives us valuable advice about the current problem. Or help us to save from upcoming consequences.

Some are for the people who lost there time and sort them not to lost it again. And some are for the people who love someone

Most of the quotes are to be about the love of poetry nature and general. When ever i read all of the quotes i think that someone is seeking in favor of me

Some time there is whether is going to be changed then we can post about this so we can save someone life

Some time the whether is much romantic but someone is not with us that is a vary bad time. Always smiles and keep eyes on the good news.

Some Famous Quotes:

“Get Knowledge if you have to gone China” -Muhammad(PBUH)

” Biggest glory in living legends not in never ending, but in rising every time we are going down ” –Nelson Mandela

“Post Message of love on any corner of earth,No person will come with you without happier movements” –Mother Teresa

“You are Unique due to your unique qualities,Which is not in any one else”

“After strong work there is to much cool and relaxed time is started”

“Anyone relished the beauty of dreams can find their golden future” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“You speak with me i hear then for get,You teach me then i learn it,Involve me and i learn it”- Benjamin Franklin

“Always focus on the light or bright things and forget the dark things this is a real hero condition” -Aristotle

“If a person enjoy all the time and he can make all is happy” Anne Frank

“All is going to be well”

“Spread love and increase humanity”

“There is no Black or White we love each other due to humanity and brotherhood”

“Start the day with the name of Allah and also with Allah”

“You will find many condition when you are failing but never think that you are failure” Maya Angelou

“Failure leads to another successful life”