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CNN News Live is No.1 in the News Agency in the US and that shows a positive News and fact and figures

CNN Live News

About CNN News

We Provide a 24/7 News and a true facts and figures according to time about the latest news and that is 100 percent actual and a true news

CNN is basically a news channel that works 24/7 to provide exact and a true picture of news at any time

CNN is only a channel that provide 24 hours of broad costing service and there is all the day news are to be playing and audiences wants to see the stories live untill they knew all the fects

CNN is basically founded by an American in 1980 and there is 24 hours cable news channel and there is trillions of audiences now who see the news

CNN is the Americans best news channel after BBC that have most educated Journalistic’s and paid employees that presents true fact and figures that why there is No.1 in news segments. The news from CNN is most authenticated news and everyone believe that non to CNN

From 1980 to till now there is zero impurity in the news and there is always a true and a realistic approach to present the news there is no effect to delay in the news whether there is bad whether circumstances or and crisis they present news in time that why they are No.1 in the new agency from 1980’s,There is the channel that started a trend of HD news channel and this is the only Full HD channel

The daily ruteen is most effective and view-able where you can see all the News Transmission segments step by step and that leads you to interact not effects to you get boarded and there is following schedule that is made by CNN

Early Start

When the day end and the new day start then the first program that get live is the early start news program that is played at 4 to 6 AM according to American Standard time started from 2012,Early start was played by
Christine Romans and Dave Briggs.There is all daily news and there effects are to be discussed in details and this is start of day news

New Day

This show worm up the United State and there is all American get worm up after watching this show,this news show started in 2013 and there are 2 famous news anchor are presenting this show Alisyn Camerota and John Berman there are presenting this segment in the time worner center in the new York city.On the weekend the end of the week show changed into New Day Sunday and New Day Friday.This show start at 6 and end at 9 E.T

News Room

This is the only show that plays about 37 hours in a week this played in the morning and in the evening and there is some times its live and some time recorded in the shape of taped film,its played at 9-11 and 2-4 in the CNN news room New York City

At This Hour

This is a worm-up of the whole morning shows that are play till the playing of the show this is played only one hour from 11 to 12 E.T

Inside Politics

There is always ups and down in the polics in every region so like any other resign in the US there is a great movements to get in toch there is a round to clock is made in New York News Room in the CNN news room this is from 12 to 1 E.T

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