Hong Kong Protest

72 injured and 2 in serious condition in Hong Kong Protest

Hong kong Pretest News

There is Hong kong protest is going to be more and more in a critical in the china economical condition

There are 72 persons are to be injured and 2 are in the serious condition due to the violence between the peoples and government

This news is to be taken from the hospital of Hong kong where all the peoples are to be reached

There are two peoples of them in an serious condition and which are to be kept in the ICU ward

In the 72 peoples there are 50 men and 22 women who got injured during the protest against the governing bodies

Hong Kong police are doing different stratigies to stop the protest there they use tear gas and the water through on the peoples to stop

Crud has be in front of Headquarters and there is a clash between police and the peoples from Thursday morning

This is a silent mode protest against the government there are all young peoples and they wear black dress and blocked the traffic around the government building

Donald Trump Views for Protest

Famous News
Famous News

In a press conference Donald Trump Say that i would be worked by the Hong Kong government how to come out of it,He also brief as

“So, I hope it all works out for China and for Hong Kong,” Trump said. “I understand the reason for the demonstration but I’m sure they will be able to work it out. I hope they’re going to be able to work it out with China.”

Trump in a view says about it as”Its a big massive Protest i have ever been seen in my life”

Donald Trump is a also worried about the climatic condition of Hong Kong

This Protest is started from 2014 due to the injustices in the election of PM

Joshua is Come Back to make this protest more and more crowd

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