Ahmad Child Star

Child Star

The most famous child star is Ahmad who get most famous in the Pakistani media and now international media get interested in him

Ahmad started his career from television in the “Zaki Meena Show” as a child host and his personality get Famous and now on the Ary News And Media Group

Peechy Dykho

The Most Famous word that recognize Ahmad in the Television is the “Peechy Dykho” Ahmad due to his health physic unable to move for that they called him that “Peechy Dykho”


Waseem Badami is doing a beautiful show in which various Naat khawan offer Naats and they get Hug audiences interest to-word their show and that why the show shan e ramzan get famous

Ahmad in the shan-e-Ramzan as a child guest make the show more impressive and make the show having 4 stars and every one like to enter into the show and wants to met both the most genius Ahmad and Waseem Badami

Nida Yasir Show – Good Morning Pakistan

Ahmad is also in the show that is leaded from Nida Yasir and working as child host in Nida Yasir they all team of the Nida Yasir like him


They like him and also get surprise when Ahmad is in their show and Ahmad performance impress them and his style of thinking also impress them

in incoming of Ahmad the rating of Nida Yasir show get more and more then that there is hug audience interest is become in the show

Fahad Mustaf show Jeeto Pakistan

jeeto pakistan
jeeto pakistan

The Biggest show in the pakistan which is working as game show in the pakistan is Jeeto pakistan

Which gain most of the pakistani peoples intrest in the very low time and not only that there is rating of ARY TV improved that show and that show help the poor people in shape of different events

To increase the rating of the show Fahad Mustafa take step that he cast Ahmad in any of his event which the show ranking is to be improved

With his that step not only ranking of show improved but also audience get interested that what Ahmad is going to giving to the current selected contestant to make his luck

Ahmad is like as a behri Kazakh in this whole event and his costume is much amazing in the whole show

Faisal Qureshi asked to Fahad Mustafa that ahmad is the upcoming Aamir Liaqat for the media industry and he is very dashing personality

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