harmful Cold Drinks

Cold Drinks are Harmful in Ramdan

Cold Drinks
Cold Drinks are to be harmful in Ramadan

Drinks are important for human life development, Some Drinks are just used for the flavor and other are used to reduce gastric disturbance, Cool drinks in the hot season are liked as the blessing of Allah almighty

Now a days drinks are compulsory for our day to day life. Like when we feel there is low level of energy then we can use energy drink, not all drinks some drinks provide natural energy to us like fresh lemon water.

Water and its importance

Cold Drinks
Cold Drinks

Water is about maximum part of our body with which some processes of our body get easy and get make maximum output with the soft use of the water in the body, Body is required rich amount of water to make smooth work performance

Drinks cause softness on the other hand these drinks are also harmful for the human health, some drinks cause cancer, which is a very dangers for our human health today we discuss which drinks are these

Coca-Cola products

Coca-Cola shows that the Coca-Cola barrage products provide energy after opening the Roza this is entirely wrong because there are many many side effects of the Coca-Cola drink, After a long Fast(Roza) there are all type of human body organ’s demand a lot of water and the cold drink specially the carbohydrate drinks reduce the water level due the which there is a chance of water reduction is to be happening

Pepsi cola Products

Pepsi is best when you comes out of a hot weather and required some energy level out of the box and some piece of coolness, as I have discussed early that any soft drink that involves gases is harmful for the human health, the cold drinks are ingenious for the human life


Milk is a best natural product that you can drink and it provide a fast energy level to increase the instant boost in the energy and also provides fruitful help, Milk also helpful for the better development of vital human organ, milk is best for the growth of human bones it’s also reshape our organ’s in a stream line, no Drink is alternate of milk, milk is also for bring down trustiness in less time

Lemon Water Shake

Lemon water shake is best for the fast, because there is all type of mineral’s and multivitamins are available in the lemon, Fresh lemon water is best for the human in the summer season, Cool and valuable lemon water is essential at that time, this is also best for the heart patients and the diabetic patients can also use it’s for the optimization of energy for the daily life and thrust.

Jam e sheerian

Qureshi herbal pharma and many other herbal companies manufactures different types of mixture drinks that are solvable in the water and provides a good taste and feel which are the best drinks for our body as well as our organs, some drinks are some important for life that we cannot imagine like Jam e sheerian,and arq e kosaar which are the best solution for the daily life.

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