Eid al Fitr Holidays

Eid Holidays

On this great event the govt of Pakistan announce 4 holidays for Eid Holidays this event

These holidays are started from 4th of June and ends at 7th of June means holidays started from Tuesday to Friday

Muslims of the world will celebrating two most important holy events in which one is Eid al Fitr and other is Eid al Azha

Eid al Fiter

Eid al Fitr is enjoyed after one month Fasting and there is great inspiration in the muslims they have offered roza only for Allah

This is the event in which Muslims shake hand and they met each other and there are sweet dishes are made

Ladies are doing Mahndi on their hand and they work this on the chand rat and they are gather in one house and do this event

There is most important thing is the cooking of sweets.

Muslims eat after the Eid Prayer and they thanks Allah almighty

There are all Muslims wear New cloths and they perfumed their dress to make them more prominent

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