Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong Protest

Joshua Wong calls for Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to resign

As there is a movement in the students of Hong Kong is going on then there is a leader of the protest is arrested

On this monday the leader who leads the protest is released and due to which the voice of resign of PM is more arrise

Joshua Wong is the main person who is playing a vital role in the protest to protest against the new system introduced

He says in a press release that he will join the protest and will rise the protest to get the resign from the governing person

On his viewpoint and according to the television representative there is round about 2 million peoples in this protest

There is every thing is good and this is a peace full protest and that is example for the other peoples

While releasing from the jail he interviewed that he will join the protest and no thing is metter to what is heppen.

Wong, 22, served a two-month sentence for contempt related to his involvement in the 2014 protests advocating a more democratic elections process in the former British colony

After releasing from the jail the Hong Kong police get Sctered to the Police Station due to the protest and there is a great peoples are their

The protest after the headquarters now to the street level to ask the prime minister to resign

The latest protests were set off by an extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China for trials. The legislation has been suspended, but the activists saw it as undermining legal rights and judicial independence

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