india Face lose

India face lose due to air closer

According to Air line companies India face lose due to air closer in Pakistan

India face lose due to air closer

India face lose in the air lines companies and this lose they face day by day and that goes up to 5 billions and daily there is 600+ crore

All this is due to the closer of the air space between the Pakistan and India

This is happen due to a strike between India and Pakistan on 25 February 2019 in the Balakot

There is the following air lose that the companies faces from February 2019 to till now

Private airlines SpiceJet 30.73
IndiGo 25.1
GoAir 2.1

If we see the National Air line company Air India Faces 491 Crore lose till now and there is day by day lose is going to increase India must take nesury actions to down the lose that they have faced

According to a news agency their is report that the air strike will continue until 11 July 2019 then there is an action taken whether it is continue or close

As a previous discussion between indian air line and Indain Air force that the restriction is removed in the May 31 but there is no serious action is to be taken by them

India’s most famous air line Go India airline that pass the passenger is getting lose in a flight between India to Istanbul there is not direct flight between there two cities due to air space closer between Pakistan and India

The over cast is started in the March between Qatar and Istanbul

There is the route is longer then the regular type flight schedule its stop in Qatar then flight to Istanbul

India Face lose again and again is there is a lose of 3 billion by Indian in the sub marine and now its the 2nd lose that they should bear it

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