Indian Election 2019

Indian Election 2019 Results shows Modi is Leading with 289 Seats

Indian Election 2019 Results is going on and there is the election week is to be closed and now there is counting of votes and the party winning results are to be shown very soon.

Main bhi chowkidar hon– modi sarkar party is leading with 282 seats with an undicleared news are to be shown,this election shows that Mr.Narendhar Modi is going to win this election.

Now the whole picture of indian election 2019 is cleared if we see the stats that the modi party in the lok subha election is clearing the winning election with major votes

This election two famous parties are to be going infront of each other one is Modi party and other is India National Congress of Rahul Ghandhi,There is all terms are to be cleared

In the previous week and election is going to be held in 2nd and 3rd week of May-19 and there are a hug number of voter’s casted vote and now in this election there is a turnover is much greater then the previous elections

Rahul Gandhi is an INP party person,he is politican from the father side,
Nehru-Gandhi family member,his history of politics is old as the india is old,He is a purly politician,His Grand Father is Jawarlal Nehru,He was born in 1970,He is son of Sonia and Rajive,he is the Chair person of Congress

Some indian Peoples shows that the election is to be fixed,But all things might be positive or negative every thing is true or false will be shown after Indian Election 2019 results

BJP is winning election with a Valium of 51.3 percents on the other hand INC is going on 41.3 Percentage lets see which party is going to win,on this currant results show that BJP is Leading with 10 percents

Now Results are going to update with time to time lets see Chowkidar party win or loss keep an eye on The Famous News

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