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Kim Kardashian Returns to White House

Kim Karadashian in the white house

According to a news agency in the US Miss Kim Karadashian rejoined the White house again

Now she makes reforms in the justices and makes improvements in the law and order in the Jail security system

As there is very bad criminal record in the US Jails to improve them Donald trump call her to join white house

Before her Alice is doing the same job but she was unable to manage the criminal’s due to which she appointed

Kim is very happy after listening this news and she was excited as any one is not expected

She in a talk with the nation announced that every one wants the security and wants to save from harmful consequences

Along with the Trump she found to be happy and talking about the justices reforms for which she is to be appointed here

There is every member in the white house is felt to be happy with her

The security is to be basic need for everyone which is to be said from her in her talk to community

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