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Mark Zuckerberg fake interview Posted On Facebook

Facebook data stolen fake interview shown on instagram

There is an interview by Mark Zuckerberg got famous on the instagram that is opposite to the satuation is a fake interview

In this interview he announced that facebook is doing for the stolen of data of billions of user of facebook and making reforms

There is the visuals are to be original but the sounds are to be made by the Instagram users

This work is made by the two artists in which one is Daneil howe and the other is Bill Posters

In a talk to Bill Posters he answered us that the video had been planned long before the row over Facebook’s treatment of Nancy Pelosi.

In an answer of the Bill Poster that FB have interviewed person that declared that his is a Fake interview

This Fake interview is not to be deleted by the Facebook unless the users are to be believed that this is a fake interview

Every face-book user i think so after listening this interview becomes aware of that type of pranks and wants to save himself

“We’re shining the light on Facebook and Zuckerberg himself to ask what happens now when it’s your privacy and your data that’s been used in obscure or unintended ways” he said

This video is basically to created to shown off the business model of face-book and show off how they work

In this video there is an extreme use of technology to make this video in real there is much use of time

There is more then other videos enough time is spend to create this video and enhance the values

This Fake interview have changed the life of overall the peoples and the users of the facebook

They can realize about how to differ between originals and the Fake interviews

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