oath taking ceremony of Narendra Modi

Not Invited in the oath taking ceremony of Narendra Modi

The oath taking ceremony of Narendra Modi

As according to currant satiation in the south Asia between Pakistan and India now there is The oath taking ceremony of Narendra Modi

it is not possible for the winner of loke subha poll election to call Pakistani president in the The oath taking ceremony of Narendra Modi

On Sunday Imran khan telephoned his counter part and wish him to work best for the south asia

Also best wishes for his winning in the lok subha election 2019

India new minister Mr.Naridarh Modi is taking oath on 30-May-2019,in that ceremony he is not inviting pakistani president

As a telephonic conversation between modi and Imran khan,Imran khan congratulation on his victory in the loke subha election

Wish him to do good and hard work for the prospiratory in Asia

Imran khan always work for the peace he also told Modi they work together for the peace in the south asia and make this region an impressive

More every he congratulation on the behalf of pakistani nation

Assumed that his taking oath is best for the both Pakistani as well as Indian nation

During the conversation between imran khan and modi imran khan

Expressed his desire that the both countries work together for the betterment of their peoples

As imran khan when win the election he called his Indian colleague Mr.Sidhu in his oath taking ceremony in Islamabad

Their is a great impact on the Sikh nation in the India

Now Pakistani peoples assumed that now its India turn that they call Mr.Imran khan on the oath taking ceremony

But Imran khan having career in cricket and Mr.Sidhu is his colleague with him due to which he call him

But there is no relation between Modi And Imran khan due to which Mr.Imran khan not invited

If we see on the behafe of peace in the sub Continent then this is good thet they cannot invited PM Imran khan in their cermony

With that their is a unfair situation is created between both countries

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