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Trump Changed Mexico Border Immigration Policy

Us Immigration Policy

There is a border that meet with the US is the Mexico that is 1935 km long there are more then 600 million expense to avoid the insecure consequences.

This border meet Gulf with Us there is lot of Immigration US and Maxico,There is not only citzen migration but there are many dangerous peoples are also migration in this border

To avoid the bad satiation the US Minister Mr.Trump has changed the immigration policy that is on one hand the best for the US national peoples on the other hand terrorism of US is being disturb and due to which revenue that is gained by US Hosteling form is low

Mexico Border Policy

There are Following steps are made

1.Every Migrant shold have any job letter from any firm where he is going to and use the letter and get the immigration latter

2.Person must be educated means he know how to speek and eat,With that policy there is a polite and peace environment is created which is very good for the General public and criminal ratio will be Reduced to a very low level

3.Must know how to live and work in the Organization and the community,With all these efforts there is a criminal record will be reduced and and a clean and educated environment is created which is best for the life and good health of the genral peoples

With respect to a genral audience we think that a person who is doing good for his community is a good person and a very best for the whole nation there are all things and policy for the nationality of U.S. is good for them,Trump is basically an amarican leader with a leading thinking with U.S.

As every leader in the universe follow yhe U.S policy then everyone means country like to follw U.S. policies and trem and conditions,There Both Technology and Education Grow with respect to the growth of population

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