Trump Uk Visit

Trump visits in UK for the Official Visit

Trump UK Visit

On this Donald Trump UK Visit is according to British Standard time his flight launched at 9:00 B.S.T

Donald Trump visits the UK for getting the updates in the UK and wants to know about the health of Elizabeth Queen of Uk

There he planned to get a meeting with the Royal Family and the climatic condition the Uk and the effect of it on economy

His daughter also on the visit of the Uk where she visits all the major places of UK ans also meet to trump here

She visited one day before the visit of trump there she meet to queen of UK and discuss currant affairs

Trump also met with Sadiq Khan the Mayor of Landon that he has push up to the street crimes

There he also wants to discuss about the trade with the china as he wants a trade war with china

In the last week he implement hifi tax on import from the china that effect on all the china products imports

On this upcoming Sunday both the Trump and the Queen going to make a pres conference in which he tells about the policies for the US livings

There he also implement a ban on the Huawei Products that is effect on the huawei as huawei is a great electronics winder

The Queen of UK hosted a well equipped banquet for the Donald trump and the first lady in the Buckingham Palace

In this banquet there is duke and duchess are also going to join it.

The Duchess is not going to attend this whole events due to the Birth of his son who is on month a go born.

Mr Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, arrived in the UK before the president.

On Sunday, she posted a picture from outside the Victoria and Albert Museum in west London where she had visited the Christian Dior exhibition.

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