Walter famous news anchor

Walter Cronkite Famous News Anchor

In American News Agency most wanted and most Famous news Journalist is Mr.Walter Cronkite. Walter Famous News Anchor served 19 years to the news agency. As he is so much active and famous journalist. He is the best and famous news reporter in the Television and Radio Industry

About Walter Famous News Anchor:

Walter Cronkite is the best news anchor, Journalist and his total tenor is about 19 years in the news industry. His Point of view of news is to good that every one wants to listen them.

Walter Cronkite, on his 64th birthday, anchors his last CBS election night special while broadcasting in New York City on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 1980. (AP Photo)

Walter Cronkite famous news anchor started his journey of anchor life from 1935 from a radio broadcaster. He broadcast true news reports. Hosted many events from where he get most famous in the news industry. In this industry he worked in both radio as well as television.

Due to his nice and decent coverage in the world war II. He becomes the best news reporter in the U.S. The is doing job in the United Press since from 1937 when he become famous news anchor. This all is due to his noble thinking and hard work not only that. He is presenting a true face of news to the audiences.

When he was working in the radio he presented himself as Walter Wilcox. After that he provided this to the audiences on their demand. During his Radio broad-costing life he met his future wife Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Maxwell. Which he met during the coverage of a sports news event.

Joining CBS

CBS’s is a famous news channel of America. In 1962 he joined CBS. In CBS he is a first Half News of the Night as the nightly featured News Caster. His news Costing is get So much famous. The time of news is extended to 30 to 35 minutes.

During his tenor CBS get the most rating in term of viewers then the other news channels. His Ethical news broadcasting and his hard work make the CBS news channel No.1. Not only channel but also his working style with great work is also with the passage of time improved.

Best Rating:

In 1969 when there are Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 moon Mission is going on. CBS got No1 news channel due to his hard working and there is also rating is on the top

In 1970 when Huntly retired the Evening News becomes more denominated in the America. Get more and more famous news channel.Beside Evening News there is also CBS channel is becomes prominent.


At the age of 65 in 14 February 1980 he think that he would have got retired from the journalist. On his retirement he announced to the audiences as “A comfortable old shoes”. When he compared to his uncle and father time of retirement.

There is a documentary on PBS is played on his life. There is opening is to be done by him. This is to be shown on the Evening news show.

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