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We do not wants war with Iran(Trump)

On this Wednesday trump cleared that they do not wants war with Iran they wants peace and also wants to do execute work and make reforms

He also says that we do not wants to make war between two countires we wants peace between the countries and also wants to reduce the tension between the countries.

As there is war in every region on the earth due to which the world peace is to be disturbed to maintain this peace we wants peace

Trump war with Iran

According to U.S. President Trump that there are staff in the Iran and we wants to withdraw these staff from the Iran

Tehran Iran Capital place missile on the boats in Persian gulf and US Investigated that there are coast of four Tankers are to be get damages the United Arab Emirates,the claim Iran has denied

On Tuesday in a news conference a news reporter questioned that is U.S. is going to war with Iran then trump says”i hope not”

Expert Opinion

There are two competing narratives.

The first, which is favoured by US President Donald Trump’s administration, is that Iran is up to no good. Preparations are said to have been seen for a potential attack on US targets, though few details have been revealed publicly.

The US has moved reinforcements to the region; it is reducing its non-essential diplomatic personnel in Iraq; and it is reportedly dusting off war plans.

The second narrative lays the blame for this crisis squarely at Washington’s door.

According to this narrative, the “Iran hawks” in the Trump administration – people like National Security Adviser John Bolton, or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – sense an opportunity. Their goal, this narrative argues, is regime change in Tehran.

The reality is that a conflict between the US and Iran – albeit by accident rather than design – is more likely today than at any time since Mr Trump took office.

And one thing should be clear. There is no “drift” towards war. That suggests an involuntary process that people can do little about.

If there is a conflict then it will be down to conscious decision-making, to the calculations and miscalculations of the Iranians and the Americans themselves.

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