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Whats App Ending Services

Whats App

Whats App ending services? Whats App is social news Application that is used for instant massages and there are alote of Features that are realy helpful for all of us and some features have made a person life so easy and simple.

There are various smart phones with old technologies are to be ended for providing services by facebook due to new development and have some new features and due to low peoples usage

Why Whats App Ending Services:

Some phones of Nokia are recently ended by whats app due to their costly library and services which are to be difficult to hire and use them as new phones are developing then there are Focusing on the New Phones which are of great importance

Some Nokia Symbions phones are to be blocked by the Whats app for providing quality services and on the other hand there are library issues which are to be ended and Whats app is not Responsible for the services of these phones

Not Only Nokia but also some smartphones of Samsung and Blackberry were also to be banned for providing services and using these services and now Nokia focus on new Phones

As Teachnology improved day by day and there are new phones with high specs are introducing in low cost and deffinately there is every teachnology have a mission of saving power

Now a days whats app only providing services to to new Andriod Virsions and due to which he have focused on the new smart phone due to which the development cost and upgrading cost reduced

When phones are updating then there are some or more features are to be not activating due to which there are only worked on the advanced cell phones and there virsions

Whats app ending providing services from 31 December 2019 in all the old smart phone so get connected and use new smart phones to connected

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