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ICC World Cup 2019 Opening Ceremony

ICC World Cup 2019 Opening ceremony held in the host team home at England

There are all teams members are to be here to enjoy this great event which is hosted by England

Every team is with there country flag and more ever there are all teams flags are to be mounted on the road

As the last match is won by the
Australia team then most of the events are powered with the Australia team

At the end of the event the Queen of the England get them all and capture a memorable photo with all of them

There is a cricket song which is sing by Loryn is played and live sing in the street of Flags which is “Stand On”.

At the end of the event the Cricket trophy is to be unveiled by the former cricket winner team captain of Australia and the English team captain swann in the cricket ground

At the end this is a great opening of ICC cricket tournament 2019 in a great yeast and honorable movement for all the cricket fans

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