Fahad Mustafa The Famous TV Host

Fahad Mustafa

Most Gorgeous and eye catching personality of Pakistani digital media is Fahad Mustafa, Fahad Mustafa is a the only person who get famous in a very low time span and he is the most beautiful and talented actor in the Pakistan Entertainment industry

He became popular form not only Television shows he get famous from his Films also his block booster movie “Namaloom Afrad” got most of the business in the television and print media, His movie changed the overall film industry condition and changed its to a new vision and new thinking

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is a famous in term of tv actor producer and his most famous thing is his hosting in the show Jeeto Pakistan an ARY Production

Let’s look at his early life cycle he is born in Sindh in a sindhi family in 23 Jun 1983,His Family is two Brother and One Sister,He is pharmacist in the educational career but he left due to his personal interest in that field of life,New he is the Famous actor

His First TV serial is Sheeshay Ka Mahal,then in 2008 he get into Televison industry and do many Television shows,His other Famous television serials are:

  1. Haal-e-Dil
  2. Bahu Rani
  3. Ae Dasht-e-Junoon
  4. Masuri
  5. Aashti
  6. Pul Siraat
  7. Mastana Mahi
  8. Main Abdul Qadir Hoon
  9. Koi Nahi Apna.

He Joined ARY Digital as a host,He is now becomes a famous Host in a Famous Televison show with the name of Jeeto Pakistan,After kon bany ga karoor pati it’s a second largest television show which is fully controlled and directed by fahad Mustafa.

He started this show from 2014 in a very small spam of time this show becomes a mega reality show and gain a large interest of audiences in a very low time.

He was awarded in the 2013 in 1st hum Television show and he was also awarded in 2nd film award in 2016 in Dubai powered by ARY Digital, Pakistan super league started in 2017 he supported Karachi king in 2017,Karachi Kings is a franchise team in Pakistan super league, He is host in Pakistan super league.


Lets look at his film industry work he worked in 2014 in a most popular and block booster movie Na Maloom afraad in this movie direction of Nabeel Qureshi and there are co-hosts are Javid Shaikh,Mohsin Abbas and Urwa Hussain

This is a genral story of every person who wants to becomes most famous and most papuler in shart span of time,Now after the great success of Na Maloom Aftrad now the part 2 is launched which also get a hug business

After this another block booster movie with the name of “Actor in Law” is released in which Fahad Won an Award in the Category of Best Film Actor in this movie he performed the best

He show a great role of and actor in the Law and due to his great performance Lux award him best Actor award in his award show in 16th lux award show, this is the best film due to acting of Fahad Mustafa an hit in the box office.

Not only in the Action play films he worked he also performed as voice person in the 3 Bahadur The Revenge of Baba Balaam by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s,This is highly animated movie by Ary Digital and all Characters are the best in this Movie

From 2017 he also made some most viewed and hit films which make greate famous in box office and now becomes super duper Movies After arrival of Na Maloom Afraad he Started Na Maloom Affrad 2 in 2017 and in 2018 he awarded 2 block booster movies Jawani Phir ni ani and Load Wedding both films are in the hit list of the Pakistan film industry both movie released in 22 Augast 2018

He has one Son and One Daughter which is born in 2016 Fahad Mustafa Maried With Sana Fahad in 2005

Fahad Family

Some Famous Tv Shows are

  • Yeh Zindagi Hai
  • Veena
  • voh ishq
  • Wujood-e-Laraib
  • Tum Jo Miley
  • Aashti
  • Main Abdul Qadir Hoon
  • Main Chand Si
  • Mastana Mahi
  • Mera Saaein
  • Lahasil
  • Mere Hamrahi
  • Ek Hatheli Pe Hina Ek Hatheli Pe Lahoo
  • Sandal
  • Kankar
  • Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si
  • Koi Nahin Apna
  • Dusri Bivi
  • Tair-e-lahooti
  • Maaye N]
  • Jeeto Pakistan

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