Salman khan Becoming Father in upcoming days

Most famous and an action films hero Mr. Salman Khan is willing to becomes a father of a child

Salman Khan

According to Indian news agency he is willing to becomes a father in upcoming days

Salman Khan:

The all time bachuler person decide to get the next generation with the help of surrogacy,With surrogacy his mission of becoming a father becomes successful

Like Many other Indian celebrities he like to make the next generation through surrogacy,in this comment in the news channel he says that when i am at 70’s my son of 20’s that is the actual story that change the encumbrance into the originality

According to Salman’s answer to a new report in late 2017 on a film release he says that

“No, I don’t feel time is running out…but I am sure when I am 70 and my child is about 20, then I’d feel it. The only reason I’d want to have a child right now or in the near future, say in two or three years, is because I’d want mom and dad to see my child “

Salman Khan New Movies:

Salman khan is currently doing acting in the movie “Bharat” which is most popular and super doopher movie and that is to be released in June, he is now doing work on the launching of that movie and making a successful launch of that movie.

There is another movie that launched in this year is a new session of “debangg3”,In this Movie he is doing work on that movie and that movie released on 20 December of this year there are more suspense and thriller in that movie his suspense and thriller make a movie more and more successful

Like many other Indian actor’s Salman khan like to surrogacy,In this there is miner sugary is to be happened and he always like to be young and more and more energetic to solve the condition to become more prominent

As he has many Nephew,All are to be demanding a new Khan that why he choose the decision to make a new khan to make his personality more and more accurate

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